Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Unexpected Assistance!

Action Steve and his dinosaur pal, Action Raptor, are racing to catch up to The Thrill Seeker, who is still causing chaos, racing through Hulaville's streets on his motorcycle! Meanwhile Action Pre makes giant leaps across several city blocks at a time in an effort to keep up with and capture the Devious Deviant! Also, Hulaville's police force, Lead by Detective Ace Malloy, are chasing The Thrill seeker in their squad cars as The Thrill Seeker races from street to alley and even onto the rooftops!

As The thrill seeker rides past a coffee shop, who should come out of the door but Biggus Mikus, little known god of toiletries, who gets splashed by a puddle run over by The Thrill Seeker's Motorcycle.

"What the Greek!", exclaims Biggus Mikus, his tray of coffee ruined.

The Thrill Seeker looks behind him and laughs. Only to look forward and see two trucks come crashing out of two adjacent buildings on either side of him with two halves of a large, strong, cage attached to their hoods, which close in on him. Claaaaaang! Thonk! The Thrill Seeker is captured and out cold!

Boooom! His motorcycle explodes!

Thiiisssh! Fire extinguishers were equipped in the cage and have put out the fire!

"Ooooww.....", Exclaims The Thrill Seeker, even now, his amazing healing power melts away any burns or marks on him!

But who? Who has captured the Extremely Dangerous, Dastardly, Maniacal, Fiend who has been Terrorizing all of Hulaville?!

"You're nicked chum!" Gasp! It can't be! It's another one of Action Steve's most dangerous enemies, The Mighty Pineapple! Usually decked out in colorful garb with her Fruit Smoothie Guitar and her Pineapple bots at her side, she is now dressed in a costume modified to look like a policeman's uniform and is attended by a retinue of specially uniformed "officers"!

What the devil's going on?

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