Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Fight and The Chase

We join Action Steve is in his Super Hero and Reformed Super Villain support group, recounting his first encounter with The Thrill Seeker!


"C'mere ya creep!" As Super Dudical Steve rides his hover board overhead, he shoots a cable from his arm which wraps around The Thrill Seeker! Super Dudical Steve pulls the felonious fiend into the air, and prepares to use the cable's strength to punch The Thrill Seeker in the face! But the Thrill Seeker is ready and kicks Super Dudical Steve in the chest! Both fall to the ground and begin fighting furiously!

Action Steve runs toward the two and knocks The Thrill Seeker on the back of his head, temporarily stunning him! As Action Steve Helps Super Dudical Steve to his feet The Thrill Seeker makes a break for it! The two Steve's get their bearings and run after the brute as he barrels along toward a small house on the mountain. The Thrill Seeker crashes through the glass door. Action Steve and Super Dudical Steve run in after him.

"Look for the residents we've got to protect them!" Action Steve says to his partner in crime fighting.

"Right!" replies Super Dudical Steve.

The Thrill Seeker yells back to them, "You're getting tired! .... Suckers! .. I never get tired!"

The Two Super Heroic Steve's knew already knew this all too well. If they wanted to stop more people from getting hurt they needed to stop him right now. The Thrill Seeker, having other plans, crashes through a back door into...

A secret lab! We see a large room filled with chambers of glowing green fluid. Pre, looking much less super heroic than he does now, and 4 women in lab coats are working with beakers, robots and computers.

"What the heck are you doing here? You'd best leave, are we clear?" asks Action Pre, who has always had a tendency to rhyme in times of action.


"Was That Action Pre?" asks one of Action Steve's fellow support group members. A man in slacks, a business work shirt and a head that looks very much like a crystal skull, which constantly emits small stream of fog.

"That was Pre, yeah, but he wasn't Action Pre just yet. This was the event that caused him to become one of Hulaville's greatest super hero's." Action Steve doesn't say this with his usual bravado or pride for his friend. What terrible event occurred on that day to turn a scientist into a super hero?"

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Action Steve's Quote for the day

"The philosophies of one age have become the absurdities of the next, and the foolishness of yesterday has become the wisdom of tomorrow."
--William Osler, Who has been called one of the greatest icons of modern medicine.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flash Back!

Action Steve is currently at a support group for super heroes and reformed super villains, "Hi I'm Action Steve and I'm a super hero."

Everyone greets him with a "Hi Action Steve." Around him are a circle of, mostly bored, people in colorful and outlandish costumes sitting in fold out chairs. They might look impressive or intimidating in other circumstances but in this setting they look extremely silly.

Action Steve, who always looks silly, tells the group, "One of my first adventures involved time travel and parallel universes. I love that stuff. I got to meet lots of cool and different versions of myself: Robot Steve's, Ninja Steve's, that kinda thing. But there was one Steve that I came to think of as my brother. He was a goofball, just like me, Super Dudical Steve. We both fought a villain called The Man of Tomorrow and after he was caught, I got to keep that villain's car, and he got to keep the hoverboard. That was when Super Dudical Steve, Action Raptor, and I formed the Action Alliance, there are more members now but that was the original group." Action Steve Sighs, reminiscing in the sad memory.

"Go on..." Says a therapist in a yellow and black, bee themed, costume, complete with antennae. Sitting next to Action Steve, a bald headed man wearing a Godzilla costume, without the mask, nods in encouragement.

"We were chasing this new super villain, he'd hurt a lot of people and needed to be stopped as soon as possible. I'd been asked to help the police chase him down and we were chasing him on Hula Mountain just outside of town...."


"C'mere ya creep!" As Super Dudical Steve rides his hover board over head, he shoots a cable from his arm which wraps around The Thrill Seeker! Super Dudical Steve pulls the felonious fiend into the air, and prepares to punch him in the face using the cable's strength to punch The Thrill Seeker in the face!

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Action Steve's Quote for the day

"Duckworth, go off and make big butts! I mean big bucks!"
--Scrooge McDuck

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Action Steve's Quote for the day

"Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about it."
--Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Unexpected Assistance!

Action Steve and his dinosaur pal, Action Raptor, are racing to catch up to The Thrill Seeker, who is still causing chaos, racing through Hulaville's streets on his motorcycle! Meanwhile Action Pre makes giant leaps across several city blocks at a time in an effort to keep up with and capture the Devious Deviant! Also, Hulaville's police force, Lead by Detective Ace Malloy, are chasing The Thrill seeker in their squad cars as The Thrill Seeker races from street to alley and even onto the rooftops!

As The thrill seeker rides past a coffee shop, who should come out of the door but Biggus Mikus, little known god of toiletries, who gets splashed by a puddle run over by The Thrill Seeker's Motorcycle.

"What the Greek!", exclaims Biggus Mikus, his tray of coffee ruined.

The Thrill Seeker looks behind him and laughs. Only to look forward and see two trucks come crashing out of two adjacent buildings on either side of him with two halves of a large, strong, cage attached to their hoods, which close in on him. Claaaaaang! Thonk! The Thrill Seeker is captured and out cold!

Boooom! His motorcycle explodes!

Thiiisssh! Fire extinguishers were equipped in the cage and have put out the fire!

"Ooooww.....", Exclaims The Thrill Seeker, even now, his amazing healing power melts away any burns or marks on him!

But who? Who has captured the Extremely Dangerous, Dastardly, Maniacal, Fiend who has been Terrorizing all of Hulaville?!

"You're nicked chum!" Gasp! It can't be! It's another one of Action Steve's most dangerous enemies, The Mighty Pineapple! Usually decked out in colorful garb with her Fruit Smoothie Guitar and her Pineapple bots at her side, she is now dressed in a costume modified to look like a policeman's uniform and is attended by a retinue of specially uniformed "officers"!

What the devil's going on?

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Action Steve's Quote for the day

"The imitator dooms himself to hopeless mediocrity. The inventor did it because it was natural to him, and so in him it has a charm. In the imitator something else is natural, and he bereaves himself of his own beauty, to come short of another man's. "
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Daring Rescue!

The Thrill Seeker is pinned between a wall and a few tons of Super Action Vehicle! Still the super powered scoundrel struggles to free himself as Action Steve and Action Raptor race to save those trapped in a burning building!

Once inside, Action Steve takes out a few small grenades from his utility pocket that "explode" on impact, dispersing fire retardant chemicals that are safe for anyone to breathe. After making a path by throwing a few of them on the floor, he begins to help those people who have not already fled the building to escape!

Meanwhile, Action Raptor has discovered a small toddler hiding in a closet. Now if you were a child, in a burning building, hiding in a closet, and a large, feathered, dinosaur, wearing a pilots cap with goggles and a scarf, opened the door and saw you, you might think you'd scream like hell. And you probably think this because you are an adult. All children love dinosaurs. and all the children of Hulaville know exactly who Action Raptor is what he stands for! The child instantly latches onto our hero, and at his direction, mounts him like a tiny horse.

CRACK! FOOM! Part of the building has collapsed and is now blocking Action Raptor's way out! "Thaaaaartch!" Action Raptor instructs the child to hold on as he jumps onto a dresser, opens the window and leaps out of the building just as a gas main explodes! Action Raptor spreads his wings and glides to safety. The crowd cheers as he brings the child to his mother, who kisses and hugs both her offspring and Action Raptor! "Raaaaaaawwk!"

"Way to go pal!" Action Steve tells his saurian sidekick as they run over to their Super Action Vehicle, but something is amiss...

The Thrill Seeker is gone!

"Son of a --"


"He doesn't have super strength! That should have held him!"

"Action Pre is on his trail now. Along with Hulaville's finest of course." the newly arrived Detective Malloy tells the Action Duo. "Ya did the right thing ta help those people. We'll catch 'em. He's got to be tiring out by now."

"Action Raptor is right. He doesn't tire out because of his healing power. He can keep going indefinitely. All he needs is gas and food and he could be on the road constantly. For years!" says an exasperated Action Steve.

"How the hell can you understand that feathered lizard?"

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Action Steve's Quote for the day

"The civility which money will purchase, is rarely extended to those who have none."
--Charles Dickens

Friday, October 23, 2009


The fans and authors have asked, so here it is! An illustration of Action Steve and Action Raptor in front of the "Welcome to Hulaville" sign!

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A Dirty Trick!

The Thrill seeker's motorcycle tires screeeech! as he turns from a downhill street into an ally. Immediately police cars block off the entrance. In one of the cars an officer picks up his radio, "He's coming onto 26 west between Taylor and Baxter."

"Got em'!" says Action Steve as he guns the engine and zooms toward the alley's exit. But The Thrill Seeker slows down and picked up a few empty beer bottles lying on the ground, he stops temporarily and takes a flask from a compartment on his bike, pours the liquid into the bottles, tears strips of cloth from his shirt and places them in the bottles. Specially treated Molotov cocktails!

"There he is! Action Raptor take the wheel!" Action Steve jumps out of the Super Action vehicle as it flies past the alley. His shoes make an audible chlick! sound as plates cover his shoe's arches. He lands on the fire escape railing on those plates and slides along it on his action grind shoes! Action Steve shoots his Action-lele grappling hook attaching it to a nearby ledge and quickly repels down to The Thrill Seeker, using the momentum to kick him in the head and knock him down!

Then Action Steve notices the building is in flames.

"Classic villain ploy I know, but it works!" shouts The Thrill Seeker over the roar of the flames. "Capture me or save those people!" The Thrill Seeker stands up starts to run toward his bike....

But the super action vehicle runs right into him SMASH! And crashes into a nearby wall, pinning The Thrill Seeker between the wall and front of the car!

"Wraaaaaaaaauuuuhhhtch!" exclaims Action Raptor!

"Now we need to save those people!"

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Action Steve's Quote for the day

"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master."
--Ernest Hemingway

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Thrill of the Chase!

The police are hot on the trail of The Thrill Seeker in the middle of Hulaville and in the middle of a rain storm! The Thrill Seeker, Nefarious criminal mastermind with superior healing abilities, a devious imaginative approach to crime, and NO FEAR, races and jumps from roof top to roof top in his souped up racing motorcycle as police sirens wail behind him!

"How are we not catching up to him? We're in a freaking flying car!" Action Steve asks Action Raptor, thumping the steering wheel.

"Raawwk!" replies his feathered and scaly friend, Action Raptor.

"Yes, I know. This guy is too clever."

To demonstrate his point, The Thrill Seeker rides off the edge of a building and hits the wall of the building across an alley! For a few minutes he "rides" along the wall before zooming into the street!


"No, I called my work and said I was not coming in for personal reasons. And it is personal....."

Back at the Cold War Cafe, Chef Patrick, Edna the roller derby server, and their patrons watch the news as Action Pre makes a speech at City Hall, which is still in disrepair.

"My fellow citizens, I wish to impress upon you today that even though this villain runs free, it is not long before he is captured by Action Pre!" Action Pre says with conviction and with a winning politician's smile. He then leaps into the sky, drenching his gray pinstriped suit; his backup singers sing his theme song for the cameras. "Action Pre will save the day! You better watch out and get out the way!"

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Hulaville In Peril!

The Action Alliance are nursing their wounds at The Cold War Cafe after hours. Action Raptor perches on a stool, Chef Patrick, owner of The Cold War Cafe, and Edna, the roller derby server and grad student, always wearing her skates, helmet, elbow and knee pads, sit in a booth. Action Steve Sits cross legged on the floor. He still wears his cape, straw fedora, and gloves, bruised bandaged and tired.

Action Pre has just come back from his laboratory after fixing his leg. "See? Good as new." he tells everyone.

"I wish I could say the same for city Hall." This new voice comes from Detective Malloy, who has just come into see the Action Alliance after their defeat at the hands of the Maniacal Miscreant, The Thrill Seeker. "You guys look like what the cat didn't drag in."

"Funny." says Action Steve mirthlessly.


"Hey is that thing safe?" asks Malloy, pointing to Action Raptor.

"That's not a thing, that's my friend and partner in crime fighting!" rallies Action Steve.


"We told you it was only a matter of time before The Thrill Seeker came back." Action Pre tells Malloy.

"You told me he fell out of a plane without a parachute! No one can survive that!" Malloy replies in disbelief.

Action Steve is unusually serious as he says, "Well he did and he's back. And all of Hulaville is in peril!"
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Aciton Steve's Quote for the day

"There is nothing permanent except change."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Danger and Doom!

As Action Pre zooms forward Decked out in his gray pinstriped suit and fedora, The Thrill Seeker, in a red and white biker's jumpsuit, notices that Action Pre, as fast and powerful as he is, is running with a limp. The villainous rogue takes advantage of this situation, runs up the handrail on the front steps of Hulaville city hall, and throws a grenade at one of city hall's front columns, which falls on Action Pre's bad leg, causing him to fall!

Action Raptor runs forward clawing The Thrill seeker in the face!

"The Action Alliance is being a bit rough on this guy aren't they?" asks one bystander. Too quick for her to react, The Thrill Seeker throws 3 knives right at the bystander! but Action Steve is too quick! He deflects the knives with his Action-lele!

"Get out of here!" the normally jovial Action Steve yells at her. Clearly this is a serious fight and a dangerous enemy!

Action Pre picks up a loose cinder block and throws it directly at The Thrill Seeker's head, causing a visible dent in his skull, knowing it will only slow down the super powered villain!

The Action Alliance looks as The Thrill Seeker picks himself up. They know that the fight is far from over...

The Thrill Seeker's concussion and dent to his head re-inflates like a balloon, and all his scars heal! Screaming like a madman he tells the Action Alliance, "There's no stopping me! Can't stop me! .... FOOLS!"

This is truly the worst villain The Action Alliance has ever faced! Is all hope lost?

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Mystery! Thrills! Politics!

Action Pre, wearing a very nice gray pinstripe suit and gray fedora, is speaking before a crowd of reporters at Hulaville City Hall!

"My friends, I have devoted my life to making Hulaville a better place, as a microbiologist, as a genetically enhanced cybernetic super hero, and now I want to help the people of Hulaville... as their mayor!" The crowd cheers and claps.

A reporter asks, "Mr. Action Pre, if elected, what would you do about all the super villains constantly attacking our city?"

"As you all know, Hulaville is plagued by super villains. That's why you need A super hero in office like me, Action Pre, who can help against villains like Biggus Mikus, The Mighty Pineapple, and giant overgrown vegetables."

While most are happy with the news of Action Pre's political plans, there is one sour face, far from the crowd. A man looks on from his limousine and makes a phone call. "Thrill Seeker, take care of him." Wild, maniacal laughter is heard from the phone before the call ends. As his car window goes up, the limousine drives off.

Another journalist asks, "Why does a Action Steve work in a call center?"

"Well, uh..."

Just as Action Pre is about to explain Action Steve's need to have a day job, a motorcyclist launches himself into the crowd! He has the same maniacal laugh as on the mystery man's phone.

Before running into the fray, Action Pre makes a phone call. "Action Raptor, I'm gonna need back up." Action Pre pauses, "Better bring Action Steve in too, just in case."


"Customers can wait! we've got trouble. The Thrill Seeker is back!"

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Action Steve's Quote for the Day

Quickstrike: "So, what's a warrior without weapons, eh?"
Dinobot: "A warrior STILL!!!"
From Beast Wars, "Code of the Hero", best Transformers episode ever. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Produce Peroration

Action Steve and Action Raptor are still fighting The Potatonator and Potaotron in downtown Hulaville! (Tomatotron and Tomatonator being relatively easy to squash.) They have also been taking turns making calls to customers. Action Steve is on a call now:

"Okay, you're ready to go. Your system is set up. Do you have any questions?" Bathonkathonkathonkathonkathonk! The car is rocked by a volley of vegetables. "Ok, you take care now." There is an audible click as the call disconnects. "I think the customers liked you better today."

"Raaaaaawk!", Action Raptor indicates that he has the customer service skills.

"Ok, it's my turn, I wanna try out this robot mode Edna installed on The Super Action Vehicle."


The steering wheel of the Super Action Vehicle sinks into the dashboard and another telescopes out from Action Steve's Console! "Ok, here we are. Robot mode!" The super Action Vehicle lands with two robot feet folding out from it's underside! As the S.A.V. runs toward a perplexed potato, two fists come out of the side of the running car and smash The potatonator into mashed potatoes!


"That's right!" agrees Agrees Action Steve.

Suddenly, the S.A.V. is wrapped in vines! "I Potatotron, will remove you and all animal life from the face of the earth!"

From a loud speaker, Action Steve Responds, "Don't you know that plants need insects? Like bees?"

Grinning, Action Raptor presses an option on his console marked "cyber bees". Thousands of metallic insects swarm out of a hatch on the S.A.V. and slice Potatotron to shreds with their cybernetic stingers! Thanks to Edna, the roller derby server and grad student!

Hulaville has once again been saved by Action Steve and Action Raptor!

Edna skates by, "Nah, it was my robot, they just piloted the thing."

"Can we go home now?" Action Steve Asks Action Raptor....

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Produce Pandemonium!

What the heck is going on?! The town of Hulaville is going crazy! Buildings are being demolished! People are running everywhere! Sirens! Cats yowling! Dogs Barking! Children screaming either in fear or happy excitement! (It's really hard to tell sometimes.) Total Chaos!

"I am Potatotron! Ruler of all tubers! And I am the cause of this chaos and destruction! Mwhahahahahahahaha!" To prove his point, Potatotron a truly giant cyborg potato, picks up a fire engine with one mammoth hand and strikes the ground with it like a club, destroying the street and truck, and causing a water main to burst! Water sprays everywhere!

"No! It is I Potatonator! All will bow down before me! The Emperor of all vegetables! Heeeheehahahahahahaha!" Potatonator, the Prodigious Potentate of Potatoes, shoots vines out of his hands, restraining cars, people, and small furry animals!

"You lie! I am the Engineer of this Evil Endeavor! Tomatotron! Who will extinguish all non-vegetable life!" Tomatotron, a super colossal cyber-tomato, stands atop a tall building. His hands transform into giant cannons which Trounce the town with tons of tomatoes!

"If you look for the parent of all this pandemonium look no further than I! The Terrifying Tomanator!" Before The Tomatonator can do anything, he bursts into ketchup as The Super Action Vehicle flies right through him! Action Steve turns his flying car around to face the 3 remaining Venomous Vegetables! He turns to Action Raptor, who sits in the passenger seat.

"Action Raptor, can you take my first call?" Action Steve hands his feathered dinosaur friend a headset and microphone, which Action Raptor puts on.

Action Steve's Clawed Companion hears a voice ask, "Can you help me?"


Of course he can help, that's what he's here for...

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Action Steve's Quote for the Day

"You should have disagreements with your leaders and your colleagues, but if it becomes immediately a question of questioning people's motives, and if immediately you decide that somebody who sees a whole new situation differently than you must be a bad person and somehow twisted inside, we are not going to get very far in forming a more perfect union."
--President Bill Clinton

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Super Action Vehicle gets more than a new coat of paint!

Action Raptor glides and Action Steve zips down to the Cold War Cafe's Garage/research-lab. Edna the Roller Derby Server and Patrick the Chef are putting the finishing touches on the Super Action Vehicle. (Which looks like a car from the fifties, and also, from the future!)

As they get in Edna tells them that she has added hidden robot arms and legs to the car. "I did a lot of other modifications to this thing. Try not to total it before the end of the semester."

"It's part of her class!" Patrick beams.

"In lieu of a final exam." she adds without any hint that she is in anyway impressed with anything... ever.

Action Steve and Action Raptor thank them both and fly off into the sunset...

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In Which Action Steve Get's No Respect

A woman in black and day-glo green helmet and elbow pads, rollerskates to an outside table at The Cold War Cafe and puts two plates of strawberrie pancakes in front of a large man in a cape and what looks like a Giant lizard bird.

"Why are you wearing a costume? Going to a Halloween party?" asks the roller derby waitress.

"Haven't you ever heard of me? I'm Action Steve!"

"No, never heard of you."

"But I've been on T.V. and everything..."

"Don't watch T.V.", she nods to Action Raptor, "Is that some kind of parrot?"

"Raaaaaaaawwk!" replies Action Raptor.

"He's a super intelligent, prehistoric, super heroic, raptor from the past, here to fight crime!"

"I thought Raptors were all scaly."

"No, they definitely had feathers."


"Sorry, have feathers."

After our action heroes finished their pancakes they walk over to Patrick, chef, mechanic, and owner of the Cold War Cafe and Mechanic shop and research lab next door.

"Hey Guys. Is Action Pre O.K.? This is a serious dent in the car." asks Patrick.

"Yeah, he's nigh invulnerable, lucky son of a gun."

"It's gonna take a bit of time to fix this. I think you're better off taking to the rooftops to get to work."

"Alright, thanks Patrick. Let's get going buddy."


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Action Steve's Quote for the Day

Jenner: "I’ve learned this much — take what you can...when you can."
Justin: "Then you’ve learned nothing!"
Dialog from "The Secret of Nimh" by Don Bluth, one of the greatest movies ever in the multiverse.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flushed Away!

After a shower and a relaxing day at the office, Action Steve and Action Raptor slowly walk out to The Super Action Vehicle. "You know, Action Raptor, I can't help but think we've forgotten some---"


The entire side of the Super Action Vehicle has been dented, and glass showers everywhere. What has caused this? Why, Action Pre is still defending Hulaville from Biggus Mikus, the relatively unknown Greek God of Toiletries!

"Pre!", exclaims Action Steve!

"Fraaawk?!" asks Action Raptor.

"Stop mentioning how I'm relatively unknown!", asks the little known Lord of the Lavatory, "Hey!".

But Action Pre is already on his feet before anyone can react, his cybernetic and genetically enhanced body not at all fazed by being thrown across a city street into a flying car. Biggus Mikus is about to dodge Action Pre's attack using his time shifting power, but our stouthearted cyborg superstar has anticipated this move and places his fist exactly where Biggus Mikus's Face re-appears. Knocking him to the ground.

The megalomaniacal minor deity now knows he's beat. "Curses!" He exclaims, and flushes away into a preternatural portal to tend to his wounds.

"My work here is done!" Exclaims, Action Pre. South central Hulaville's Action Hero, Action Pre, emits a series of clicking noises as he jumps to Hulaville Bay. 4 Dolphins greet him with more clicks, pops and squeaks, Action Pre and his dolphin friends swim off into the sunset.

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A New Hero!

Our Heroes, Action Steve and Action Raptor, are being held captive within the cellular wall of one of a dozen over-sized behemoth bacteria (under the control of that Diabolical Deity, Biggus Mikus, relatively unknown Greek God of Toiletries) that are even now wreaking havoc in Hulaville! Just when all hope seemed lost, a new hero reveals himself! Action Pre, proud member of The Action Alliance! Full time hero and part time microbiologist, Action Pre uses his cybernetically enhanced strength to jump, as far and fast as a rocket, straight out of south central Hulaville and into the fray! Before this Ghastly God has time to react, Action Pre sprays the Bacteria with antibiotics from hoses that have come out of his arms, dissolving each and every gigantic Germ!

As Biggus Mikus and Action Pre begin their epic battle, Action Raptor and Action Steve, weak and very slimy, crawl to his office to make the first customer support call of the day...

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Action Steve's Quote for the Day (Special Star Wars Edition)

"Why you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking... nerf herder!"
--Princess Lea

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Action Steve... Captured?

Action Steve and Action Raptor are OUT COLD! And stuck in the belly of a huge, building sized, bathroom bacteria! The relatively unknown Greek God of Toiletries, Biggus Mikus, is now free to steal all the toilet paper in the world and force everyone to use clam shells instead!

"Shall I destroy you?" The iniquitous immortal asks himself. "I'll let fate decide!" Biggus Mikus then punches his fists together, causing sparks to fly from his hands! And then keeps one hand a in a fist and opens the other. Surely he is about to cast some spell on our hero! "No, paper covers rock. I'll let you live..... for now."

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Scraping the Bottom of the Pantheon

Our Heroes Action Steve and Action Raptor are on a mission from their mysterious benefactor from another dimension, Chronotron the Chronobot! "All my toilet paper is missing! And so is everyone else's!" What will we do, dear readers, now that all the bathroom tissue in Hulaville is gone?

"You will do what's proper and use the ancient method of clamshells for hygene! All will obey the God of Toiletries, Biggus Mikus!" Much to our heroes dismay, the relatively unknown Greek God of Toiletries, Biggus Mikus, standing atop Action Steve's office, strikes his plunger staff on the roof, causing a crack, from which emerges...

Giant building size bathroom bacteria! It looks like Action Steve is in for the fight of his life!


"Yes, Action Raptor! I know, I also have to help customers today."

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Action Steve's Quote for the Day (Special Star Wars Edition)

"Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?"
--Obi-Wan Kenobi

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Mysterious Mission

Action Steve Glides down his zip-line down to the Super Action Vehicle (which looks very much like wheel-less 1957 Chevy Bel Air after Industrial Light and Magic got their hands on it) and gets in the car with the waiting Action Raptor.


"You said it pal."

As they fly above the clouds they are met buy a giant Robot! It's Chronotron The ChronoBot! Picture, dear readers, not some new Anime inspired machine, but instead a classic robot from the 50's and 60's. Small short limbs, large circular eyes, and a huge clock covering it's large boxy body.

"I have a mission for you, Action Steve!"


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Action Steve's Quote for the Day (Special Star Wars Edition)

"It's a trap!"
--Admiral Ackbar

Action on the Train!

Action Steve is having a battle on top of a speeding train car with the Nefarious Villain, The Mighty Pineapple! She attempts to knock out our hero with her Citrus-Smoothie-Guitar but Action Steve deflects with his Battle-lele. CLANG! As their instruments clash, guitar feedback is heard.

Suddenly, a ring tone comes from Action Steve's Fedora-cowl. "Yes?" There is only a slight pause to the fierce battle, then, CLANG! "Of course I can help you set up your system." SMASH! A Huge dent is made in the roof of the train car. "If you're ready, please go to our website--" SMAZAAANG!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Certain Death?

As Action Steve leaves his office from the roof he plays the C chord on his Action Ukulele. In seconds, 2 hooks shoot out of it in opposite directions and attach to nearby buidlings. A zip line! But as Action Steve Zips off, one of the hooks comes loose and our hero falls....

Into a net! Who has saved Action Steve? Why, it's none other than his sidekick, Action Raptor! Seeing his human pal in trouble, Action Raptor launched a net from his shoulder mounted Utility Cannon, saving Action Steve from certain Death!

Creative Commons License
The Astonishing Adventures of Action Steve by Steve Smith, Patrick Romani, and Parius Futch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Action Steve's Answers! 1

Hello citizens! You may be asking, just what the heck is this?

Creative Commons License
The Astonishing Adventures of Action Steve by Steve Smith, Patrick Romani is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Creative Commons is a way for artists to license their work so that others can use them without fear of being sued for infringement of copyright. There are a few different licenses, but the one I've chosen, Attribution-Share Alike means that you can write your own stories, draw your own comics, and even make your own blockbuster movie about me and my adventures! Just as long as you give my creators, Steve Smith and Patrick Romani, credit and give your work a compatible license. You can even sell your or my work if you want to! Just who might buy it is another subject entirely....

If you do create something based on my adventures, let me know and your work just might (read probably) become part of the Official Action Steve-iverse Continuity!

The Adventure Begins!

As patrons are served corned beef and hash browns, pancakes or waffles at The Cold War Diner, a 50's themed restaraunt, a flying car zooms out of a secret hatch in a nearby alley. As it zips past his office, Action Steve jumps out of the car, zipping down on his grapple-lele line to the ground and runs inside to his desk....

Action Steve's Quote for the Day (Special Star Wars Edition):
"Oh, great warrior, hmm? Wars not make one great."

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