Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flash Back!

Action Steve is currently at a support group for super heroes and reformed super villains, "Hi I'm Action Steve and I'm a super hero."

Everyone greets him with a "Hi Action Steve." Around him are a circle of, mostly bored, people in colorful and outlandish costumes sitting in fold out chairs. They might look impressive or intimidating in other circumstances but in this setting they look extremely silly.

Action Steve, who always looks silly, tells the group, "One of my first adventures involved time travel and parallel universes. I love that stuff. I got to meet lots of cool and different versions of myself: Robot Steve's, Ninja Steve's, that kinda thing. But there was one Steve that I came to think of as my brother. He was a goofball, just like me, Super Dudical Steve. We both fought a villain called The Man of Tomorrow and after he was caught, I got to keep that villain's car, and he got to keep the hoverboard. That was when Super Dudical Steve, Action Raptor, and I formed the Action Alliance, there are more members now but that was the original group." Action Steve Sighs, reminiscing in the sad memory.

"Go on..." Says a therapist in a yellow and black, bee themed, costume, complete with antennae. Sitting next to Action Steve, a bald headed man wearing a Godzilla costume, without the mask, nods in encouragement.

"We were chasing this new super villain, he'd hurt a lot of people and needed to be stopped as soon as possible. I'd been asked to help the police chase him down and we were chasing him on Hula Mountain just outside of town...."


"C'mere ya creep!" As Super Dudical Steve rides his hover board over head, he shoots a cable from his arm which wraps around The Thrill Seeker! Super Dudical Steve pulls the felonious fiend into the air, and prepares to punch him in the face using the cable's strength to punch The Thrill Seeker in the face!

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