Monday, October 26, 2009

A Daring Rescue!

The Thrill Seeker is pinned between a wall and a few tons of Super Action Vehicle! Still the super powered scoundrel struggles to free himself as Action Steve and Action Raptor race to save those trapped in a burning building!

Once inside, Action Steve takes out a few small grenades from his utility pocket that "explode" on impact, dispersing fire retardant chemicals that are safe for anyone to breathe. After making a path by throwing a few of them on the floor, he begins to help those people who have not already fled the building to escape!

Meanwhile, Action Raptor has discovered a small toddler hiding in a closet. Now if you were a child, in a burning building, hiding in a closet, and a large, feathered, dinosaur, wearing a pilots cap with goggles and a scarf, opened the door and saw you, you might think you'd scream like hell. And you probably think this because you are an adult. All children love dinosaurs. and all the children of Hulaville know exactly who Action Raptor is what he stands for! The child instantly latches onto our hero, and at his direction, mounts him like a tiny horse.

CRACK! FOOM! Part of the building has collapsed and is now blocking Action Raptor's way out! "Thaaaaartch!" Action Raptor instructs the child to hold on as he jumps onto a dresser, opens the window and leaps out of the building just as a gas main explodes! Action Raptor spreads his wings and glides to safety. The crowd cheers as he brings the child to his mother, who kisses and hugs both her offspring and Action Raptor! "Raaaaaaawwk!"

"Way to go pal!" Action Steve tells his saurian sidekick as they run over to their Super Action Vehicle, but something is amiss...

The Thrill Seeker is gone!

"Son of a --"


"He doesn't have super strength! That should have held him!"

"Action Pre is on his trail now. Along with Hulaville's finest of course." the newly arrived Detective Malloy tells the Action Duo. "Ya did the right thing ta help those people. We'll catch 'em. He's got to be tiring out by now."

"Action Raptor is right. He doesn't tire out because of his healing power. He can keep going indefinitely. All he needs is gas and food and he could be on the road constantly. For years!" says an exasperated Action Steve.

"How the hell can you understand that feathered lizard?"

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