Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Fight and The Chase

We join Action Steve is in his Super Hero and Reformed Super Villain support group, recounting his first encounter with The Thrill Seeker!


"C'mere ya creep!" As Super Dudical Steve rides his hover board overhead, he shoots a cable from his arm which wraps around The Thrill Seeker! Super Dudical Steve pulls the felonious fiend into the air, and prepares to use the cable's strength to punch The Thrill Seeker in the face! But the Thrill Seeker is ready and kicks Super Dudical Steve in the chest! Both fall to the ground and begin fighting furiously!

Action Steve runs toward the two and knocks The Thrill Seeker on the back of his head, temporarily stunning him! As Action Steve Helps Super Dudical Steve to his feet The Thrill Seeker makes a break for it! The two Steve's get their bearings and run after the brute as he barrels along toward a small house on the mountain. The Thrill Seeker crashes through the glass door. Action Steve and Super Dudical Steve run in after him.

"Look for the residents we've got to protect them!" Action Steve says to his partner in crime fighting.

"Right!" replies Super Dudical Steve.

The Thrill Seeker yells back to them, "You're getting tired! .... Suckers! .. I never get tired!"

The Two Super Heroic Steve's knew already knew this all too well. If they wanted to stop more people from getting hurt they needed to stop him right now. The Thrill Seeker, having other plans, crashes through a back door into...

A secret lab! We see a large room filled with chambers of glowing green fluid. Pre, looking much less super heroic than he does now, and 4 women in lab coats are working with beakers, robots and computers.

"What the heck are you doing here? You'd best leave, are we clear?" asks Action Pre, who has always had a tendency to rhyme in times of action.


"Was That Action Pre?" asks one of Action Steve's fellow support group members. A man in slacks, a business work shirt and a head that looks very much like a crystal skull, which constantly emits small stream of fog.

"That was Pre, yeah, but he wasn't Action Pre just yet. This was the event that caused him to become one of Hulaville's greatest super hero's." Action Steve doesn't say this with his usual bravado or pride for his friend. What terrible event occurred on that day to turn a scientist into a super hero?"

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