Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Thrill of the Chase!

The police are hot on the trail of The Thrill Seeker in the middle of Hulaville and in the middle of a rain storm! The Thrill Seeker, Nefarious criminal mastermind with superior healing abilities, a devious imaginative approach to crime, and NO FEAR, races and jumps from roof top to roof top in his souped up racing motorcycle as police sirens wail behind him!

"How are we not catching up to him? We're in a freaking flying car!" Action Steve asks Action Raptor, thumping the steering wheel.

"Raawwk!" replies his feathered and scaly friend, Action Raptor.

"Yes, I know. This guy is too clever."

To demonstrate his point, The Thrill Seeker rides off the edge of a building and hits the wall of the building across an alley! For a few minutes he "rides" along the wall before zooming into the street!


"No, I called my work and said I was not coming in for personal reasons. And it is personal....."

Back at the Cold War Cafe, Chef Patrick, Edna the roller derby server, and their patrons watch the news as Action Pre makes a speech at City Hall, which is still in disrepair.

"My fellow citizens, I wish to impress upon you today that even though this villain runs free, it is not long before he is captured by Action Pre!" Action Pre says with conviction and with a winning politician's smile. He then leaps into the sky, drenching his gray pinstriped suit; his backup singers sing his theme song for the cameras. "Action Pre will save the day! You better watch out and get out the way!"

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