Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mystery! Thrills! Politics!

Action Pre, wearing a very nice gray pinstripe suit and gray fedora, is speaking before a crowd of reporters at Hulaville City Hall!

"My friends, I have devoted my life to making Hulaville a better place, as a microbiologist, as a genetically enhanced cybernetic super hero, and now I want to help the people of Hulaville... as their mayor!" The crowd cheers and claps.

A reporter asks, "Mr. Action Pre, if elected, what would you do about all the super villains constantly attacking our city?"

"As you all know, Hulaville is plagued by super villains. That's why you need A super hero in office like me, Action Pre, who can help against villains like Biggus Mikus, The Mighty Pineapple, and giant overgrown vegetables."

While most are happy with the news of Action Pre's political plans, there is one sour face, far from the crowd. A man looks on from his limousine and makes a phone call. "Thrill Seeker, take care of him." Wild, maniacal laughter is heard from the phone before the call ends. As his car window goes up, the limousine drives off.

Another journalist asks, "Why does a Action Steve work in a call center?"

"Well, uh..."

Just as Action Pre is about to explain Action Steve's need to have a day job, a motorcyclist launches himself into the crowd! He has the same maniacal laugh as on the mystery man's phone.

Before running into the fray, Action Pre makes a phone call. "Action Raptor, I'm gonna need back up." Action Pre pauses, "Better bring Action Steve in too, just in case."


"Customers can wait! we've got trouble. The Thrill Seeker is back!"

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