Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flushed Away!

After a shower and a relaxing day at the office, Action Steve and Action Raptor slowly walk out to The Super Action Vehicle. "You know, Action Raptor, I can't help but think we've forgotten some---"


The entire side of the Super Action Vehicle has been dented, and glass showers everywhere. What has caused this? Why, Action Pre is still defending Hulaville from Biggus Mikus, the relatively unknown Greek God of Toiletries!

"Pre!", exclaims Action Steve!

"Fraaawk?!" asks Action Raptor.

"Stop mentioning how I'm relatively unknown!", asks the little known Lord of the Lavatory, "Hey!".

But Action Pre is already on his feet before anyone can react, his cybernetic and genetically enhanced body not at all fazed by being thrown across a city street into a flying car. Biggus Mikus is about to dodge Action Pre's attack using his time shifting power, but our stouthearted cyborg superstar has anticipated this move and places his fist exactly where Biggus Mikus's Face re-appears. Knocking him to the ground.

The megalomaniacal minor deity now knows he's beat. "Curses!" He exclaims, and flushes away into a preternatural portal to tend to his wounds.

"My work here is done!" Exclaims, Action Pre. South central Hulaville's Action Hero, Action Pre, emits a series of clicking noises as he jumps to Hulaville Bay. 4 Dolphins greet him with more clicks, pops and squeaks, Action Pre and his dolphin friends swim off into the sunset.

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