Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Danger and Doom!

As Action Pre zooms forward Decked out in his gray pinstriped suit and fedora, The Thrill Seeker, in a red and white biker's jumpsuit, notices that Action Pre, as fast and powerful as he is, is running with a limp. The villainous rogue takes advantage of this situation, runs up the handrail on the front steps of Hulaville city hall, and throws a grenade at one of city hall's front columns, which falls on Action Pre's bad leg, causing him to fall!

Action Raptor runs forward clawing The Thrill seeker in the face!

"The Action Alliance is being a bit rough on this guy aren't they?" asks one bystander. Too quick for her to react, The Thrill Seeker throws 3 knives right at the bystander! but Action Steve is too quick! He deflects the knives with his Action-lele!

"Get out of here!" the normally jovial Action Steve yells at her. Clearly this is a serious fight and a dangerous enemy!

Action Pre picks up a loose cinder block and throws it directly at The Thrill Seeker's head, causing a visible dent in his skull, knowing it will only slow down the super powered villain!

The Action Alliance looks as The Thrill Seeker picks himself up. They know that the fight is far from over...

The Thrill Seeker's concussion and dent to his head re-inflates like a balloon, and all his scars heal! Screaming like a madman he tells the Action Alliance, "There's no stopping me! Can't stop me! .... FOOLS!"

This is truly the worst villain The Action Alliance has ever faced! Is all hope lost?

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