Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scraping the Bottom of the Pantheon

Our Heroes Action Steve and Action Raptor are on a mission from their mysterious benefactor from another dimension, Chronotron the Chronobot! "All my toilet paper is missing! And so is everyone else's!" What will we do, dear readers, now that all the bathroom tissue in Hulaville is gone?

"You will do what's proper and use the ancient method of clamshells for hygene! All will obey the God of Toiletries, Biggus Mikus!" Much to our heroes dismay, the relatively unknown Greek God of Toiletries, Biggus Mikus, standing atop Action Steve's office, strikes his plunger staff on the roof, causing a crack, from which emerges...

Giant building size bathroom bacteria! It looks like Action Steve is in for the fight of his life!


"Yes, Action Raptor! I know, I also have to help customers today."

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