Friday, October 23, 2009

A Dirty Trick!

The Thrill seeker's motorcycle tires screeeech! as he turns from a downhill street into an ally. Immediately police cars block off the entrance. In one of the cars an officer picks up his radio, "He's coming onto 26 west between Taylor and Baxter."

"Got em'!" says Action Steve as he guns the engine and zooms toward the alley's exit. But The Thrill Seeker slows down and picked up a few empty beer bottles lying on the ground, he stops temporarily and takes a flask from a compartment on his bike, pours the liquid into the bottles, tears strips of cloth from his shirt and places them in the bottles. Specially treated Molotov cocktails!

"There he is! Action Raptor take the wheel!" Action Steve jumps out of the Super Action vehicle as it flies past the alley. His shoes make an audible chlick! sound as plates cover his shoe's arches. He lands on the fire escape railing on those plates and slides along it on his action grind shoes! Action Steve shoots his Action-lele grappling hook attaching it to a nearby ledge and quickly repels down to The Thrill Seeker, using the momentum to kick him in the head and knock him down!

Then Action Steve notices the building is in flames.

"Classic villain ploy I know, but it works!" shouts The Thrill Seeker over the roar of the flames. "Capture me or save those people!" The Thrill Seeker stands up starts to run toward his bike....

But the super action vehicle runs right into him SMASH! And crashes into a nearby wall, pinning The Thrill Seeker between the wall and front of the car!

"Wraaaaaaaaauuuuhhhtch!" exclaims Action Raptor!

"Now we need to save those people!"

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