Thursday, October 15, 2009

A New Hero!

Our Heroes, Action Steve and Action Raptor, are being held captive within the cellular wall of one of a dozen over-sized behemoth bacteria (under the control of that Diabolical Deity, Biggus Mikus, relatively unknown Greek God of Toiletries) that are even now wreaking havoc in Hulaville! Just when all hope seemed lost, a new hero reveals himself! Action Pre, proud member of The Action Alliance! Full time hero and part time microbiologist, Action Pre uses his cybernetically enhanced strength to jump, as far and fast as a rocket, straight out of south central Hulaville and into the fray! Before this Ghastly God has time to react, Action Pre sprays the Bacteria with antibiotics from hoses that have come out of his arms, dissolving each and every gigantic Germ!

As Biggus Mikus and Action Pre begin their epic battle, Action Raptor and Action Steve, weak and very slimy, crawl to his office to make the first customer support call of the day...

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