Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Produce Peroration

Action Steve and Action Raptor are still fighting The Potatonator and Potaotron in downtown Hulaville! (Tomatotron and Tomatonator being relatively easy to squash.) They have also been taking turns making calls to customers. Action Steve is on a call now:

"Okay, you're ready to go. Your system is set up. Do you have any questions?" Bathonkathonkathonkathonkathonk! The car is rocked by a volley of vegetables. "Ok, you take care now." There is an audible click as the call disconnects. "I think the customers liked you better today."

"Raaaaaawk!", Action Raptor indicates that he has the customer service skills.

"Ok, it's my turn, I wanna try out this robot mode Edna installed on The Super Action Vehicle."


The steering wheel of the Super Action Vehicle sinks into the dashboard and another telescopes out from Action Steve's Console! "Ok, here we are. Robot mode!" The super Action Vehicle lands with two robot feet folding out from it's underside! As the S.A.V. runs toward a perplexed potato, two fists come out of the side of the running car and smash The potatonator into mashed potatoes!


"That's right!" agrees Agrees Action Steve.

Suddenly, the S.A.V. is wrapped in vines! "I Potatotron, will remove you and all animal life from the face of the earth!"

From a loud speaker, Action Steve Responds, "Don't you know that plants need insects? Like bees?"

Grinning, Action Raptor presses an option on his console marked "cyber bees". Thousands of metallic insects swarm out of a hatch on the S.A.V. and slice Potatotron to shreds with their cybernetic stingers! Thanks to Edna, the roller derby server and grad student!

Hulaville has once again been saved by Action Steve and Action Raptor!

Edna skates by, "Nah, it was my robot, they just piloted the thing."

"Can we go home now?" Action Steve Asks Action Raptor....

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