Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hulaville In Peril!

The Action Alliance are nursing their wounds at The Cold War Cafe after hours. Action Raptor perches on a stool, Chef Patrick, owner of The Cold War Cafe, and Edna, the roller derby server and grad student, always wearing her skates, helmet, elbow and knee pads, sit in a booth. Action Steve Sits cross legged on the floor. He still wears his cape, straw fedora, and gloves, bruised bandaged and tired.

Action Pre has just come back from his laboratory after fixing his leg. "See? Good as new." he tells everyone.

"I wish I could say the same for city Hall." This new voice comes from Detective Malloy, who has just come into see the Action Alliance after their defeat at the hands of the Maniacal Miscreant, The Thrill Seeker. "You guys look like what the cat didn't drag in."

"Funny." says Action Steve mirthlessly.


"Hey is that thing safe?" asks Malloy, pointing to Action Raptor.

"That's not a thing, that's my friend and partner in crime fighting!" rallies Action Steve.


"We told you it was only a matter of time before The Thrill Seeker came back." Action Pre tells Malloy.

"You told me he fell out of a plane without a parachute! No one can survive that!" Malloy replies in disbelief.

Action Steve is unusually serious as he says, "Well he did and he's back. And all of Hulaville is in peril!"
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