Monday, October 19, 2009

In Which Action Steve Get's No Respect

A woman in black and day-glo green helmet and elbow pads, rollerskates to an outside table at The Cold War Cafe and puts two plates of strawberrie pancakes in front of a large man in a cape and what looks like a Giant lizard bird.

"Why are you wearing a costume? Going to a Halloween party?" asks the roller derby waitress.

"Haven't you ever heard of me? I'm Action Steve!"

"No, never heard of you."

"But I've been on T.V. and everything..."

"Don't watch T.V.", she nods to Action Raptor, "Is that some kind of parrot?"

"Raaaaaaaawwk!" replies Action Raptor.

"He's a super intelligent, prehistoric, super heroic, raptor from the past, here to fight crime!"

"I thought Raptors were all scaly."

"No, they definitely had feathers."


"Sorry, have feathers."

After our action heroes finished their pancakes they walk over to Patrick, chef, mechanic, and owner of the Cold War Cafe and Mechanic shop and research lab next door.

"Hey Guys. Is Action Pre O.K.? This is a serious dent in the car." asks Patrick.

"Yeah, he's nigh invulnerable, lucky son of a gun."

"It's gonna take a bit of time to fix this. I think you're better off taking to the rooftops to get to work."

"Alright, thanks Patrick. Let's get going buddy."


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