Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Produce Pandemonium!

What the heck is going on?! The town of Hulaville is going crazy! Buildings are being demolished! People are running everywhere! Sirens! Cats yowling! Dogs Barking! Children screaming either in fear or happy excitement! (It's really hard to tell sometimes.) Total Chaos!

"I am Potatotron! Ruler of all tubers! And I am the cause of this chaos and destruction! Mwhahahahahahahaha!" To prove his point, Potatotron a truly giant cyborg potato, picks up a fire engine with one mammoth hand and strikes the ground with it like a club, destroying the street and truck, and causing a water main to burst! Water sprays everywhere!

"No! It is I Potatonator! All will bow down before me! The Emperor of all vegetables! Heeeheehahahahahahaha!" Potatonator, the Prodigious Potentate of Potatoes, shoots vines out of his hands, restraining cars, people, and small furry animals!

"You lie! I am the Engineer of this Evil Endeavor! Tomatotron! Who will extinguish all non-vegetable life!" Tomatotron, a super colossal cyber-tomato, stands atop a tall building. His hands transform into giant cannons which Trounce the town with tons of tomatoes!

"If you look for the parent of all this pandemonium look no further than I! The Terrifying Tomanator!" Before The Tomatonator can do anything, he bursts into ketchup as The Super Action Vehicle flies right through him! Action Steve turns his flying car around to face the 3 remaining Venomous Vegetables! He turns to Action Raptor, who sits in the passenger seat.

"Action Raptor, can you take my first call?" Action Steve hands his feathered dinosaur friend a headset and microphone, which Action Raptor puts on.

Action Steve's Clawed Companion hears a voice ask, "Can you help me?"


Of course he can help, that's what he's here for...

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