Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trouble on the Campaign Trail

This episode starts at City Hall, where Hulaville's other Mayoral Candidate, Frances Malloy, Hulaville's current Mayor and father to Detective Ace Malloy, one of Action Steve's partners in crime fighting, is making a speech.

"We now have sources confirming that Action Pre is responsible for the explosion on Hulaville Mountain all those years ago! He was running an unlicensed laboratory irresponsibly creating nanotechnological cybernetic ameobe within a Hulaville City landmark! His experiments were unregulated and unsafe and as a result they caused an explosion, killing his wife and one of these other so called super heroes!

Is this the sort of person we want as mayor? Someone who, it is said, maintains a secret underground laboratory even now? My friends, I ask you, don't you deserve a more honest politician? Action Pre doesn't even want you to see the the most damning evidence of his lack of care for the safety of himself and others. He hides it well, but Action Pre walks with a limp! An injury from the explosion that even his scientific mind couldn't fix with cybernetics and genetic engineering! Please vote for me! Frances Malloy! To continue to be your Mayor! Allow me the opportunity to reign in this destructive and reckless behavior!"

What's this? Applause? Is Action Pre's campaign in trouble? We cut to Action Pre on the campaign trail!

"Would you care to comment on on your opponent's accusations Action Pre?"

"I won't deny I've made mistakes in the past, but I can hardly be blamed for not calling these to atten--"


Hulaville City Hall is once again being demolished by some villain or other!

"You may have thought that I! The Potatonator! Was down for the count! But you were sorely mistaken! Oooooh yes indeed!" Potatonator is back and rebuilt! He is even more mechanical and sports a giant cannon on one of his robot arms!

As Action Pre is about to jump to help save Hulaville once again, a reporter asks, "Is this the sort of thing we can expect in your administration? This constant distraction of so-called super villains, when real civic issues are neglected?" Action Pre looks at the reporter incredulously. Wasn't a giant monster, part robot, part mutant potato, a real civic issue?

"I'm always willing to answer questions, but I have no interest in stupid suggestions!" With that Action Pre Jumps to a great height and lands on the back of The Potatonator and begins to wail on him.

Whhaaaaauup! Whhaaaaauup! Whhaaaaauup! Whhaaaaauup! Whhaaaaauup!

The Potatonator eventually falls down after an onslaught of punches!

"Technically it wasn't a suggestion," the reporter says to a colleague.

Whhaaaaauup! Whhaaaaauup! Whhaaaaauup! Whhaaaaauup! Whhaaaaauup!

Ffflaaaughmpt! The Potatonator has fallen face down into the street!

Meanwhile The Mighty Pineapple and her Pineapple Patrol are making a name for themselves as Hulaville's new super team!

"Toilet Paper is an abomination!" snarls Biggus Mikus, Little Known Greek God of Toiletries, as he is being hand cuffed by the reformed supervillian and head of Hulaville's official super powered police unit, The Mighty Pineapple.

One of the Pineapple Patrol asks the detained deity, "Why have you got a toilet seat over your head? That some kinda crown?"

"It's my Laurel!!!"

"Isnt' that Roman?"


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