Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trouble in the Parking Lot

Action Steve lands The Super Action Vehicle in the company parking lot at work, ready to help more customers as the city returns to normal, but before he can get to the door....

"Not so fast, Action Dork! You'll have to face me before you go to your idiotic place of employment! You'll have to face 'The Original Mr. E-vil' Manalo and my partner in crime, Louis 'Lounatik' Nguyen! And our cadre of henchmen!" E-vil Manalo wears a shiny red and black leather cloak, spiky hair and mirror glasses, making him look like a cross between an extra in The Matrix, an anime villain or villain on the 1960's Batman TV show. Louis simply wears all black, as do the henchmen.

Action Steve positively bounces! It's like he's greeting old friends, not criminals. "Hey guys!", Action Steve grins, "It's been a while! Where have you been?"

"We've been preparing to do battle with you and destroy you!" replies 'The Original Mr. E-vil' Manalo, as he talks with our hero, he keeps posing as if for a camera. His henchmen nod approvingly, clap, and make ooh and ah sounds at the appropriate moments. Somewhere among the henchmen, there must be a portable speaker system because a synth-rock soundtrack is playing as Mr. E-vil talks.

"So you got a new sidekick I see. How are you, Mr.... Lunatic was it?"

"Louis 'Lounatik' Nguyen", Louis replies in a level tone, having none of the bravado of his boss, and seeming much more menacing for it, "Where's your feathered dinosaur?"

"Action Raptor doesn't work here. He just helps me out sometimes." Action Steve is still grinning, glad to only have to deal with the normal villains and criminals rather than that crazy, super powered maniac who is now safely captured.

"You should be more respectful of my power and menace, Action Doofus! You shall---"

Louis 'Lounatik' Nguyen, clearly impatient with his superior, runs over to Action Steve and kicks him in the gut, knocking him down. Action Steve sits up, surprised.

"You interrupted my monologue!" The Original Mr. E-vil turns on his sidekick.

"Yeah, you did, thanks for that. I'm impressed!" Action Steve tells Louis 'Lounatik' Nguyen as he charges at the group, ukulele in battle-lele mode. "Ok, this has been fun, but I need to get into work. Prepare to get clobbered!"

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