Monday, November 30, 2009

Arrested in Another Dimension!

Action Steve is sitting in a cell, his Action-lele, all his gadgetry from his utility pockets, all taken from him. He's worrying about Action Raptor, hoping his friend is ok. Should they have fought it out? Maybe if... No way. There were too many of them, but what if something happens to Action Raptor...

"Maybe I made a mistake," He says aloud.

"What mistake was that?" asks a nearby voice. Action Steve is startled to find that he is not alone in his prison cell!

"Oh geeze you scared he hell out of me!" says Action Steve

"My apologies," the voice comes from a large figure. A very large figure in fact, twice the size of a man, he sits on the floor, cross legged. Now that Action Steve is paying attention he can see his cell mate is reptilian but man shaped. He has scales, a tail, and claws. If you were in a dungeon, on another planet, in another dimension, trapped with a creature like this, what would you do?

"No worries. Sorry I didn't see you there at first. I'm Action Steve, what's your name?" Action Steve holds out his hand to the astonished lizard man. But the lizard man gently takes it and they shake hands.

"My name is Lord Rudolph. Please call me Rudy." Action Steve didn't know Rudy was tense until he saw him relax. Action Steve gathered this was not a friendly place for anyone who was too different from the norm. "What mistake were you referring to?" asked the friendly giant lizard man.

"My friend and I were surrounded by guards, we eventually decided not to fight back and let them capture us, but I'm worried they'll mistreat him because they think he's a dragon."

"Your friend looks like a dragon?"

"I suppose. He's half as tall as me. He's got feathers and wings, he looks a bit like a lizard, but has legs built like a bird's."

"Hmmmm... Your friend could be in trouble." They stop their conversation as two guards, Sir Sarah and Neville The Great walked to their cell.

"See Neville, and you thought Rudolph would tear him limb from limb like all the others. Personally, I was hoping Action Steve would beat Lord Rudolph with his fighting skills, but I wasn't betting on it. I think I was right about you. Come along," ordered Sir Sarah.

Action Steve looked over to his new "friend". "Limb from limb?" Action Steve asked.

Rudy the Lizard man shrugged, "Sometimes people make me mad. You were nice, so I was nice."

Action Steve recovers after a moment's shock. "Well, it actually was a pleasure meeting you."

"Likewise." The lizard man grinned, showing his many teeth.

As they walk away from the cell, Action Steve's wrists in chains, Action Steve thinks to himself, well I'm glad I wasn't grumpy or anything. He turned to his captors. "Where is Action Raptor?" Action Steve's tone of voice wasn't exactly threatening, but it promised that it could be if the answer wasn't a good one.

"Not to worry," Neville manages to say this in a menacing, snarky, and conciliatory way all at once. Action Steve is inwardly impressed. "Your ... pet is being well cared for, for now." Neville The Great tells Action Steve.

"I can see you are a warrior, and a wizard of no small skill," Sir Sarah says as they walk up a flight of stairs.

"Hmph! Some wizard, his flying chariot couldn't even withstand Bartleby's Purple Putrescence," snarked Neville The Great.

"A fair point. Your magic, it seems, doesn't protect you against ours, but I'm betting it can protect you against The Dragons."

"Dragons?" asks Action Steve more than a little concerned and skeptical.

"Your pet is what we would call a dragon, despite your claim that he isn't. I'll admit that he is smaller than a normal dragon, and few dragons have feathers over their whole body. But he makes the same calls as they do. Dragons are usually extremely strong, and large, with thick hides that are impenetrable to magic," Sir Sarah informs Action Steve.

"We want you to take your chariot and help us fight against the beasts. They have overextended themselves into our territory, robbed the peasants of their food, and attacked humans. We seek the means to fight them back." Neville the Great entreats.

"What about Action Raptor?" Action Steve asks, ever mindful of his friend's peril.

"Your pet will stay here while you do this for us. If all goes well your transgression against us will go unpunished and you'll both be free to go." Answers Sir Sarah.

"More than that, you'll be a hero to our people. You will have helped us regain our birthright as the rightful rulers of this land." booms Neville the Great.

"I at least need to see him. I'll need his help to repair my chariot." The wizard and knight look at one another.

"Agreed." replies Sir Sarah.

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