Monday, November 2, 2009


We re-join Action Steve recounting a past battle with The nefarious evildoer, The Thrill Seeker! The Thrill Seeker had lead Action Steve and his parallel universe partner in crime fighting, Super Dudical Steve into Pre-Action-Pre Pre's secret mountain laboratory!


"I don't know who you are, but the three of you need to leave! This is very sensitive equipment!" exclaims Pre.

"Is that a fact?" asks The Thrill Seeker. Before anyone can react, the malevolent malefactor reaches for a computer monitor, and throws it into one of 4 large chambers filled with glowing green liquid. Instantly sparks fly and the liquid begins to eat at everything it touches. The The Thrill Seeker causes even more chaos as the two super heroic Steve's tackle him to the ground. Everyone is covered in the green slime!

"My nanotechnologicial cybernetic amoebae are destroyed! I am much much further along the scale than merely annoyed!"

Boom! An explosion in the lab causes some of the ceiling to fall! Pre, and the 4 lab assistants make a run for it.

"Help them get out!" Super Dudical Steve yells to Action Steve over the noise of the fire, the ceiling caving in, and more explosions!

"Right!" Action Steve assists the 5 civilians out of the house, then-

KrakkaThooom! A huge explosion! Dust, fire, rocks, bits of house shower everywhere!

"Can't move." Action Steve says, right before he passes out.


"We were taken to the hospital," Action Steve explains to his super hero and reformed super villain support group. "Action Raptor, who had been following another lead at the time, and Detective Malloy and his men combed the rubble, but they were only able to find 3 of the lab assistants, Pre, and .. me. Super Dudical Steve and The Thrill Seeker were nowhere to be found. I later learned the lab assistant that didn't make it, was Pre's wife." At this point, many of the support group are in tears. A giant praying mantis dressed in what looks like a space suit is blowing his nose, loudly.

"They couldn't find the bodies of the other two but..." The giant mantis offers Action Steve his hanky, who takes it. "We eventually discovered just how good The Thrill Seeker's power's of recovery really are when he came back to cause more mayhem, but that moment is when Pre became Action Pre. He transformed himself into a genetically engineered cybernetic super-powered super-hero and devoted his life, as I have, to making this city, and the world, A Better Place!"

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