Monday, November 9, 2009

The Prisoner

We see a dark room, the only thing illuminated is a large metal cylinder. It's The Thrill Seeker's specially constructed cell! With one small barred window on it's door and it's thick walls, not to mention a contingent of The Pineapple Patrol keeping guard, it doesn't look like The Thrill Seeker is going anywhere anytime soon!

A shaft of light appears on the floor as two figures walk toward the cell. It's The Mighty Pineapple and The Senator! The Mighty pineapple still wearing her black and yellow policeman's version of her old pineapple themed costume. The Senator in a politician's blue suit and red tie and his short blond, television perfect, hair. The Senator looks into the cell's only window and sees The Thrill Seeker sitting cross legged, meditating, on the floor. He looks very calm, an extreme contrast with his usual manic demeanor. The Thrill Seeker opens his eyes, takes a deep breath, and looks straight at The Senator.

"Hiya.... Senator!" The Thrill seeker sneers.

"Hello," it seems that The Senator is partly enjoying this, but part of him is obviously impatient with The Thrill Seeker.

"We were thinking we could slow your healing by starving you a bit. Turns out we were wrong." Says The Mighty Pineapple.

"Oh, there's no stopping me. Never ever," The Thrill Seeker presses his face to the small barred window. The Senator moves back slightly, careful not to make it seem like he's afraid of The Thrill Seeker.

"But we can slow you down. This cage is a good start." Now it's The Senator's turn to smile. "If the rumors about you are true, then you are effectively immortal. You don't appear to age. All you wounds heal more or less instantly. You don't catch any diseases. You don't even seem to need sleep, but you can be contained, perhaps even studied. Think of the good you could do for medical science." The Senator grins at this remark.

The Thrill Seeker slams at the cell door, hard. "You can't hold me! There's no way you can hold me! I'll get out!" The Thrill Seeker's more manic side comes out in full force!

"Eventually, maybe, but I think you'll be with us for a least a few lifetimes."

"You're being shipped to the extraordinarily powerful prisoner's penitentiary. They're making a special cell for you." The Mighty Pineapple smirks as she says this.

As The Thrill Seeker screams threats at the The Mighty Pineapple and The Senator, they both walk out. The door slams shut and The Thrill Seeker instantly calms down.

After a few hours of calm meditation alone in his cell, The Thrill Seeker's door opens. The Thrill Seeker talks to his mysterious helper as he walks out. "Ah, Thank you. You know this was very calming. I think I might make a cell of my own like this..... and before you say it, no I don't want to stay. You know how I enjoy making mischief."

Just exactly who is helping The Thrill Seeker?

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