Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Story So Far...

Action Steve, unlikely super hero sporting a straw fedora, blue cape and gloves, and a shirt and pair of slacks sporting too many pockets, wields his tricked out Action Ukulele or Action-lele to fight crime alongside his partner, Action Raptor, a prehistoric feathered Raptor from the age of the dinosaurs, who wields his Action Utility Cannon, and sports a WWI pilot's cap, goggles and scarf. Together they ride in their Super Action Vehicle, a wheel-less flying hover-car that resembles a 1957 Chevy Bel Air after Industrial Light and Magic got their hands on it.

The Super Action Vehicle is maintained by Chef Patrick, owner and operator of The Cold War Cafe, a 50's themed restaurant and garage/research-lab, under which is Action Steve's Secret Lair. Chef Patrick and one of his best employees, Edna the Roller Derby Server, are responsible for most of Action Steve's Gadgets.

Even though Action Steve daily Faces Villains such as The Mighty Pineapple, who wields her Fruit Smoothie Guitar like a club and uses it to control her army of Pineapplebots, and Biggus Mikus, one of the relatively unknown Greek Gods of Toiletries, Action Steve Still works at a call center and often helps customers even while battling fierce fiends like The giant cybernetic villainous vegetables The Potatonator, Potatotron, The Tomatonator, and Tomatotron!

Action Steve has many friends. One is Chronotron The Chronobot, a giant robot with a clock on his front torso, a fitting decoration for he is the master of time and space itself! Another is Ace Malloy, Hulaville Police Detective and liaison with Hulaville's legally recognized super heroes.

Another one of Action Steve's greatest allies is Action Pre, a full time super hero and part time microbiologist, who became a super hero by genetically altering himself and upgrading his body with cybernetic implants. Action Pre chose to fight crime after his wife and Super Dudical Steve* were killed by The Thrill Seeker, a reckless and dangerously creative acrobatic evildoer with a super charged super powered healing power! During a chase that lead right into Pre's secret lab in Hula Mountain, The Thrill Seeker destroyed Pre's experiments causing a gigantic explosion!

The Thrill Seeker has seemed to die several times, most recently falling from an airplane in midflight, but has always come back. Action Pre, who has recently entered the race to become Hulaville's mayor, was attacked by The Thrill Seeker along with his audience during a speech. The Thrill seeker then caused chaos and mayhem throughout Hulaville and was chased for a day and a half nonstop as he raced from alleyway to rooftop to street while being chased by Action Steve, Action Pre, and Hulaville's Finest lead by Detective Ace Malloy.

After distracting Action Steve and Action Raptor by setting a building on fire, The Thrill Seeker was finally caught by a newly formed police unit headed by reformed super villain, The Mighty Pineapple, now wearing a police uniform version of her punk pineapple costume. The Thrill seeker Managed to escape with the aid of a secret helper, and Action Steve was blamed.

Action Steve was relieved to know that The Thrill Seeker was finally behind bars and went back to his job only to be accosted by 'The Original Mr. E-vil' Manalo and his new sidekick, Louis 'Lounatik' Nguyen! Action Steve Quickly dispatched Mr. E-vil's gang but was having trouble with Mr. E-vil and his new sidekick. They ran off at the sound of police sirens and Action Steve's Supervisor let him know that all this super hero activity was threatening his job security, but what is a super hero to do?!

Get Arrested! Action Steve and Action Raptor are met by The Mighty Pineapple and her Pineapple Patrol. Action Steve was willing to be arrested but insisted that Action Raptor be arrested as a citizen and given due process. The Mighty Pineapple insisted that Action Raptor was to be captured as an animal and the discussion was about to come to blows before Chronotron The Chronobot stopped time and helped The Action Team escape to another dimension ruled by swords and sorcery. In this land of Eranor, Action Steve and Action Raptor are accosted by a The Knight Sir Sarah and the Sorcerer Neville The Great. Even though Chronotron disappears at the first sign of danger, Action Steve and Action Raptor quickly dispatch the two and venture off in search of the local justice system to turn the two villains into the authorities.

Another Astonishing Adventure of Action Steve will appear in two days! Thanks for reading and being an Action Fan!

*An alternate universe version of Action Steve

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