Friday, March 26, 2010

The Astonishing Adventures of Action Steve! This Episode: "In Which The Mighty Pineapple is Really Really Bored"

    From our point of view, me the writer and you the reader, its been a while since we checked in on The Mighty Pineapple, Hulaville police detective and former super villain. And though it's only been a few hours from her point of view it might as well have been a week or more. The Mighty Pineapple's been talking with Ronald Brown, chief administrative officer for Selene. Selene is a new research and development company headquartered in a new high rise in downtown Hulaville. They are talking in her office and she is extremely bored.

    It's true that she got a tour of some very interesting, state of the art, labs, but she never actually got to look at anything! Ronald went on about trade secrets. Now she was having a drink in the man's office, non-alcoholic of course, she's on duty. He's either stalling her or failing at flirting with her or both.  And she's still no closer to finding out why The Senator called this building! Is this some secret base of operations? It's big enough. But for all she knows he was calling a girlfriend to come pick him up from the motel.

    The Senator no longer holds public office, but for some reason that's the way people still think about him. He looks the part. He's tall, blond, has that insincere and practiced politician's smile, a blue suit with a red tie. He's the stereotypical public official. You'd think people wouldn't think about him that way after they'd learned he was centuries old, was an actual, real life, spell casting, wizard, and a murderer.

    All of this had been revealed in an internet video just about everybody in the world has seen at this point. It was captured secretly by an unlicensed crime fighter who calls himself Pimp Racer. Pimp Racer was trespassing in Hulaville Penitentiary, in air vent above a specially made cell for a super villain known as The Thrill Seeker. Unable to get through the vent, Pimp Racer recorded the terrible deed and later uploaded it for the world to see. In the video The Senator is seen magically entering the The Thrill Seeker's cell and killing him. It was revealed in the video, that The Thrill Seeker had been in the employ of The Senator.

    After that the Senator disappeared, but The Hulaville police, with the assistance of Action Steve and his Action Alliance, were able to find a motel he had stayed at after his disappearance track his last phone call to the Selene building. But, without a warrant, it seemed The Mighty Pineapple was getting nowhere. She was about to finish her drink and leave when she noticed quite a large puddle coming from the door to Ronald's washroom.

    "Whoah! Hey you might want to call facilities or something." The Mighty Pineapple says, pointing out the puddle to Ronald.

    Then they both started hearing gurgling sounds coming from behind the door.

    "I'm sure it's nothing. Let me walk you out first," Ronald began to move to get up but then the noise grew louder. They both looked at the door and listened in horrified fascination at the sound of quite a lot of rushing water. The pipes in the washroom creaked loudly. It sounded like the pipes were cracking and water was escaping out. Now Ronald was on his feet walking to the door. Before The Mighty Pineapple had time to suggest this might not be a good idea, he opened it.

    He was knocked flat on his back on the other side of the room by a rushing wall of water that didn't stop after the door was opened. It just kept coming as if the building weren't a high rise, but a submarine with a severe hull breach.

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