Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Astonishing Adventures of Action Steve! This Episode: "The Garage"

    Hulaville! City of wonders! Home to Hulaville University, the first institution to document contact with an alternate universe. Mayor Malloy is The United States official ambassador to two of them and their alternate cities Robo-Hulaville and Raptorville. Hulaville is also home to heroes like Action Pre! Not only is Action Pre a genetically enhanced, super strong, cybernetic super hero, he is also a politician, author, and musician! Very recently Action Pre played a concert with his back up singers ( who are also his lab assistants) and his new band, Fantastical Botanical.

    During the concert Action Pre noticed another Hulaville hero was in trouble. Flying nearby was the magical flying robot car, The Super Action Vehicle, being attacked by rocket powered cyber raptors! The Super Action Vehicle would have been done for if not for the help of Action Pre and another of Hulaville's protectors, The Incapacitator! Wearing grey body armor and a stylish gray headband, The Incapacitator has sworn a vow never to use deadly weapons in his quest to defend the innocent and capture those who prey upon them. Using pepper pellets, The Incapacitator was able to drive away the rocket raptors and from The Super Action Vehicle's driver's seat, and he was able to guide the valorous vehicle down safely to the ground.

    The three heroes are now at the Cold War Diner's garage and research lab where The Super Action Vehicle's Mechanics, Edna and Patrick, are just finishing up on The Super Action Vehicle's repairs.


    "Whoah!" exclaims The Incapacitator, surprised by the sudden noise.

    "Savie says he can take you to where he found those jet lizards or whatever," translates Edna, A grad student, part time server, mechanic and roller derby enthusiast. She's wearing her skates and protective gear as she always does.

    "Savie?" asks a bewildered Incapacitator.

    "Yeah, savie, that's what the car says he wants to be called," replies Edna.

    "How do you even understand what he--"

    "What's up?" asks Action Pre as he walks toward the pair.

    "Savie here says he can take you where the flying lizards came from," Edna repeats.

    Action Pre turns to The Super Action Vehicle, or Savey. "Savie eh? Good name."


    Action Pre walks over to the driver's side door and starts to get in.

    "What about Action Steve?" asks a bewildered Incapacitator as they both get in the car.

    "I just got off the phone with Action Steve's robot butler, Robo-Butler 3000," responds Action Pre. "He tells me that Action Raptor is missing too. I'll bet my hat that those two are in this mess up to their necks, and I'll bet my shoes that if we follow this lead we'll find The Action Duo."
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  1. So, I decided to change the name Savey to Savie. The pronunciation was always meant to be Save-eee. Savey is what captain jack says all the time. Dir Steve!