Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Astonishing Adventures of Action Steve! This Episode: "Possession!"

    When we last left that vile villain, The Original Mr. E-vil Elli Manalo, he had been shot in chest and had fallen from a great height. Despite this he is still alive, magically sustained by a ninja ghost whose grave is here, deep under the fair city of Hulaville. But this unnatural extension of life comes at a price! The ghost tells Elli he will only keep him alive if he agrees to to let the ghost posses him!

    Mr. E-vil is skeptical. "I've never met a ghost before," he says, every breath now an agony for him, "but I've never heard of a ghost asking permission to possess someone before now." Mr. E-vil lies on his stomach, his strength is draining away, he can barely hold himself up to look at the grave from which the voice emanates. As The Original Mr. E-vil watches, a ghostly figure emerges from that grave. The specter is wearing the traditional black garb of the ninja. It covers his whole body and face, save his eyes, which seem to burn into Mr. E-vil's soul. The ghost is only slightly translucent, but otherwise appears as he probably did in life.

    "You have not heard of a ghost asking permission because I am sure it seldom happens. I'm equally sure you know how such stories usually end. If the host does not rid himself of the spirit he becomes mad, or dies. In the meantime, the spirit and host are in constant battle for control of the body they both wish to posses. I have no interest in such an ordeal. I wish what all ghosts wish for, to live again. And though I do not have the power to do so and may never, I have learned to inhabit the bodies of the small creatures who live here underground. I don't fight them while I posses them, I live with them, see what they see, lend my power and knowledge to them and we use it to the advantage of us both.

    If you do not wish for such an existence then I have no more interest in you, I'll use my powers to send you away so that you do not die here and haunt this place with me. But if you agree to my request it must be a full agreement! Don't think you can fool me! I will be able to tell if you truly consent. I would learn that the way I've learned your name, your killer, and your enemy, Action Steve!"

    "Action Steve isn't my enemy anymore, not until I've had my revenge on Lounatic!" Mr. E-vil had intended this as another roar, but his strength, his life, is fading. He can no longer hold himself up. He collapses.

    "Ah, so then you agree?" asks the eager ghost. "I can feel you making up your mind but I need to hear you say it!"

    What could he say? What would you say in his position?

    "I agree..." it's a monumental effort now to even speak. "I agree.. to let you live through me." Only barely alive, The Original Mr. E-vil Elli Manalo lies still.

    The specter's eyes light up, he smiles under his mask. "Oh my friend I think you'll see that I won't live through you but with you!" A mighty whirlwind instantly forms and whips around them. The ghost becomes less a human form and more a luminous cloud in the eye of that storm. Mr. E-vil is at it's center. "And let our enemies tremble in fear at the new being we become!

    Mr. E!"

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