Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Astonishing Adventures of Action Steve! This Episode: "The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend"

    When last we left our heroes, Action Steve and Action Raptor, they were hanging in the ceiling in cages. Right next to them in a third cage was none other than Biggus Mikus, little known Greek god of toiletries and one of their deadliest enemies! The diabolical deity had just revealed that his captor was The Senator, an ancient wizard who until recently had been a U.S. senator but was now on the run from the law.

    "The Senator is here?" asks a surprised Action Steve.

    "Raaawwwch?" asks an equally surprised Action Raptor.

    "Yeah, he's here," replies Biggus Mikus. "He looks different but I can tell it's him. It's hard to fool a god."


    "Yeah it's hard to capture a god too, smart alec," says Biggus Mikus before Action Steve has a chance to speak further. "That guy is powerful. And I just know that you're going to try to fight him." Biggus Mikus grins at this.

    "Well I don't think he'll listen to reason," replies Action Steve. Action Raptor nods in assent.

    Biggus Mikus, incredulous, turns to look into Action Steve's eyes, then cranes his neck to see Action Raptor one cage over. "How the hell have you two survived this long?"

    Action Steve answers honestly and earnestly, "Like you said before, I've had lots of help. You might sneer at this too but I believe that friends and allies can be some of your greatest strengths."

    Speechless, Biggus Mikus sits back in his cage again. Action Steve sits back as well. While looking around aimlessly he spots Biggus Mikus's scepter. It's an ornate plunger with an engraved ceramic handle. He realizes it isn't a whole lot more silly than his Action-lele. Neither are likely to strike fear in the hearts of enemies, not that that was ever one of Action Steve's goals. He'd rather inspire courage and a desire to see justice done.

    "Biggus Mikus, would you be able to get us out of our cages if you had that staff?" asks Action Steve.
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