Monday, March 1, 2010

The Astonishing Adventures of Action Steve! This Episode: "The Complaints of Biggus Mikus"

    When we last left Action Steve and his saurian companion, Action Raptor, the two heroes were in cages attached to the ceilin in a strange lab. The lab was filled with equipment that The Action Duo recognized as the same sort of equipment used in genetic experiments by their friend and fellow Action Alliance member, Action Pre. As the pair were reminiscing about other times they had woken up in cages, at the mercy of some super villain or other, they were surprised to discover another inmate, one of their most deadly foes, and little known Greed god of toiletries, Biggus Mikus! Wearing Grecian robes, his toilet seat laurel, but not weilding his traditional toilet plunger scepter, Biggus Mikus reminices about another time this Action Team had been defeated.

    "Yeah this brings back memories, memories of when I kicked your two sorry butts!" exclaimed Biggus Mikus. "I had the two of you trapped in my giant bathroom bacteria! But then Action Pre cleaned my clock!"

    Action Steve begins to speak, "Uh-"

    "You know what? You're not a very good super hero yourself are you?" asks Biggus Mikus.


    "You just have a lot of powerful friends that rescue you all the time!"

    "I've always thought that good friends were a str-"

    "You're just, just,-"

    "You see-"

    "-just a super hero hanger on!"

    At this point Action Steve decides to remain silent. He does, however, roll his eyes.

    "I mean, sure, you act all heroic for the news cameras, and swing around on your little ukulele. That's another thing, a musical instrument as a weapon is really stupid."

    "Raaaaaaaaawk!" Action Raptor asks, in his own language, if it's any dumber than a plunger as a staff.

    "I could have really gotten somewhere by now if I had a dinosaur and a robot car!" At this point, Biggus Mikus slams his foot against his cage, making a loud SLAM! causing his cage to swing slightly. He then crosses his legs, and sulks silently.

    Action Steve waits for the god to calm down.

    After a few minutes, Action Steve asks, "Biggus Mikus, how are you even captured? You're a god! Can't you just magic yourself away?"

    Biggus Mikus responds in a monotone voice, indicating a great deal of anger and annoyance being contained by force of will. "I can't leave the cage because of The Senator's magic."

    Both Action Steve and Action Raptor perk up. "The Senator?"

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